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Miscellaneous Products

ProGro Truck Covers
A light weight mesh tarp. Ideal for sod trailers or wind protection when hauling plants. All edges are reinforced and have brass grommets attached.
Custom made to fit any size!

ProGro Kennel Covers
Custom made panels to fit your kennel or structure. Lightweight and made to last.
No size too large or too small.

ProGro Pool Covers
Economical covers designed to trap trash and debris and allow water to pass through.
Easy to install!

ProGro Privacy Fence
An economical way to enhance appearances, improve safety and shield unsightly areas. A woven, high UV fabric (black/green in color) that attaches directly to the existing fence.

ProGro Burlap
Nature's fabric. Rolls available in a variety of widths and weights.

ProGro Strapping
Heavy duty polypropylene UV stabilized. Available in 1.75" and 2.75" widths and 300' length.

ProGro Ground Cover Staples
Steel staples for holding ground cover in place.